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Parks & Recreation - FAQs

What are the Parks Rules and Regulations?

The Board of Supervisors of Plainfield Township hereby establishes the following rules and regulations for the enjoyment by the public for the recreation areas, fields, grounds and facilities, owned and maintained by the Plainfield Township, as follows:

  • Absolutely no illegal drugs will be permitted on the premises.
  • Use of alcohol shall not be permitted without the written approval of the Board of Supervisors, unless a waiver has been obtained.
  • No littering.
  • No vandalism.
  • No fighting.
  • No pets shall be permitted on playing fields or ball fields-owner is responsible.
  • No golf shall be permitted on ball fields or playing fields.
  • No abusive language shall be permitted anywhere on the recreational facilities.
  • No climbing of fences.
  • No loitering.
  • Use of motor vehicles shall be restricted to designated areas, and shall be governed pursuant to provisions of applicable Township ordinances, and the provisions of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, as amended.
  • No recreation vehicles shall be permitted anywhere in the facilities.
  • No go-carts, mini bikes, four wheelers, snowmobiles or unlicensed motor bikes shall be permitted on the premises.
  • All emergencies arising on or in the premises shall be reported to the Northampton County Communications Center by dialing 911.
  • Any child under the age of 12 years old on the premises must be accompanied by a responsible adult, parent, coach, supervisor or guardian.
  • Recreation facilities, including all fields, shall be open from dawn to dusk only. The facilities shall be closed at dusk.

How can I reserve a baseball, softball, or soccer field for an athletic association?

All Township athletic fields are reserved by completing our Commercial Use Park Facility Reservation Form and returning completed form back to the Township. If your organization is interested in using one of our fields, please send an email to manager@plainfieldtownship.org with your team name, contact person name, contact person phone number, contact person email, contact person mailing address, days, dates (start and end dates of your season) and times your team will need the field. We will also need a copy of your team's general liability insurance. We will do our very best to accommodate your team's request.

Does the Township have any pavilions for rental?

Yes, please visit the Forms & Documents section to download the Private Party (Individual) Use Park Facility Reservation Form.

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