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I am having a dispute with my neighbor about property lines. Will the Township tell me where my property lines are?

Unfortunately, the only way you can be certain where your property lines are is to secure the services of a licensed surveyor, who will perform a survey of your property. The Township does not provide this service as it would be cost-prohibitive. Furthermore, the Township cannot and will not mediate property line disputes, as this comes under the sole jurisdiction of a judge.

Must I get a moving permit?

Any person or persons moving into, out of, or within the Township must obtain a moving permit. Permits are issued at the Township Office during regular business hours, but all taxes must be paid in full to obtain the permit.

Do I need a permit for a pool, a shed, or a fence?

Yes, a permit can be obtained at the Township Municipal Office or one can be downloaded from our website.

Does Plainfield Township have a weed ordinance?

Township Ordinance prohibits the growth of weeds and other uncultivated, noxious growth beyond a height of 12 inches. Persons found in violation of this Ordinance are notified by the Zoning Officer and are requested to comply within twenty days. Failure to comply with the Ordinance carries a fine, plus costs of prosecution.

My neighbor's tree is a problem. What can I do about it?

This is a legal question that you should contact a lawyer for further information. The Township does not regulate trees on private property.

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