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Plainfield Township

Public Works

Plainfield Township Public Works Plainfield Township Road Department
517 Getz Road
Nazareth, PA. 18064
610-759-6944 ext. 116

Larry Sapone, Road Department Foreman
Jim Ackerman, Assistant Road Department Foreman
Fred Werner and Grant Rodger

Plainfield Township Public Works Department responsibilities include:

  • Road maintenance
  • Road shoulder edging and trimming
  • Snow removal including the salting/cindering of roads
  • Road sign repair and installation
  • Storm drain cleaning, repair and maintenance
  • Storm culvert cleaning and maintenance
  • Preparation of a road list for the street sweeping contractor
  • Lawn care on all Township owned properties including parks
  • Building maintenance of Township owned properties
  • Park maintenance including the 7 mile hiking, biking trail
  • Tree trimming in parks, trail, and along Township roadways
  • Overseeing bridge inspections, maintenance and repairs
  • Equipment and vehicle maintenance and repair

Road Mileage
State of PA – PennDOT: 34.23
Plainfield Township: 52.15
Total: 86.38 miles

Plainfield Township maintains 52.15 miles of local and development roadways. The Townships right of way on the majority of local roads is sixteen and a half feet from the centerline. Development road are usually wider with a right-of-way width of twenty-five feet from center. The Township strives to keep the residents well informed by notifying property owners prior to the start of major projects such as roadway repaving.

In order to help maintain adequate sight distance at intersections we encourage property owners to keep their trees and hedges trimmed. If you have a question or concern regarding road or park maintenance, please call 610-759-6944.

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