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Public Works - FAQs

When does snow removal begin?

Every storm is different, but usually salt is applied at the start of a storm. After 2 to 3-inches of snow has accumulated, plowing will begin. After the plowing process is completed, another application of salt may be necessary.

When will my street be plowed?

Arterial and collector roads are plowed first, followed by residential roads, cul-de-sacs, and intersections. The primary function of an arterial road is to deliver traffic from collector roads to freeways or expressways. A collector road is a low-to-moderate-capacity road which serves to move traffic from local streets.

Why was my road not plowed from curb to curb?

During a storm, our Township goal is to keep all roads passible, so many times total width plowing, intersections, and cul-de-sacs are not plowed until the storm is ending or has ended. Due to the circle design of cul-de-sacs, it is difficult to equally distribute the snow. Do not become alarmed if one area of your cul-de-sac or intersection has more snow after plowing than you see in another section. This is normal for our plowing sequence.

I just cleared my driveway, mailbox, or sidewalk from the snowfall and now the Township came by and plowed it completely closed. What are you going to do about it?

The best solution is to wait until the streets have been plowed before cleaning your driveway, mailbox, or sidewalks. The plow crews have no place to put the snow, so already cleared areas are ideal for the plow to "empty off". Sometimes this is unavoidable and you need to clear your snow. Please make sure to clear the snow into an area away from your driveway, mailbox or sidewalk so the plow has a chance to unload its buildup of snow before passing your area of concern. Remember; do not shovel snow from driveways, sidewalks, or mailboxes into the roadway.

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